I am on the cusp (spring 2018) of completing my PhD in the joint Communication and Culture program at Ryerson/York Universities. My research explores the current media landscape in Canada in the context of digital disruption and the need for new business models in journalism. Increasingly, Canadians are getting their news through social media, which means they are being exposed to more media sources than ever. At the same time, there are worries about algorithmic media controlling what media we are exposed to (think filter bubbles), the rise (and scalability) of fake news, and declining trust in news media organizations. Branding becomes more important than ever in this environment to establish trust, credibility, and to cut through the noise. My research explores the complexities of these dynamics and how, in the context of an uncertain future for the news media industry and inadequate stable employment opportunities for journalists, journalists too are required to develop personal brands to survive and thrive.

I have recently launched a video production company with my partners in crime at King Squared Media in the role of Chief Communications Officer and Executive Producer. This company has been in the works for many years and ultimately is a culmination of my years of intervening on communications policy in Canada, working as a researcher,  a teacher, a media practitioner and a story-teller.

I am currently working as an executive producer on a pilot episode for a docu-series called ‘Kings of the Cache’. I am also currently in production on a feature film called ’30ish’, where I am both an executive producer and co-writer on the project.

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